Last night I received really bad news from a friend.  It seems that my friend’s daughter is going thru a rough time and to tell you the true I think rough is an understatement. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that God has a plan, that all happens because it is God’s desire, which is part of what he has planned for you. As I try to make sense of it in my head I came to the conclusion that it is moments like this that God uses to show you what you are made of.  His way of saying… you see,  you thought you had it bad but look how bad you have it now, and the surprise is that in time the pain eases a bit and you learn to cope with it, life gets a bit more bearable and without knowing it you ARE a stronger person, and probably will take another shot at whatever God’s  challenges  you have just faced.

I can’t imagine what they are going thru at this point, but I know that with a little faith, or maybe a LOT of faith and love from your inner circle you will face this adversity and God will make you stronger. Pray, thank God for his blessings and the opportunity to grow as a person and a woman. Cry, be sad but know that God will always have your back!

“This is not working against me. This is working for me. It’s getting me in position for the amazing future God has in store.” – Joel Osteen