I like movies. I carry in my iPad a handful of them, and when I travel I often see them again.  I think that movies are a way to transport you to another life, a different reality. You can be a hopeless romantic, fall in love with your pen-pal, like in “You’ve Got Mail” or harden your soul, do the right thing, like in Casablanca.  For me Casablanca is arguable one of the best movies ever done. It was done in a time when hundreds of movies where done in a year, yet it managed to produce many lines still used today. “Here is looking at you kid”, “We will always have Paris”, “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, and many others.  It’s an old movie that was shot in Black and White and even though there are a couple of colorized versions, I think that black and white version is best (my opinion!).

Casablanca is the story of a man that falls in love with a beautiful woman in Paris, they plan to escape the Nazis by train and at the last minute she leaves him waiting at the station.  Many years later she shows up at his bar with her new husband, pretends to still love him, they even kiss (old movie, in a time you did not need a full sex scene to portray romance and passion).  Finally he does the right thing, lets her go to continue her life with her husband.  When she asks him what about us, his answer is “We will always have Paris”.

Movies have shaped my life, as a kid I remember thinking about “JAWS” every time I went to the beach. As an adult I’m still amazed at the tablet that the Cmdr. Beverly Crusher used in “Star Trek Next Generation” movie and how similar it is to my iPad.

Today the movies have budgets that are in the millions, and in a matter of hours after release, they can even tell you if the movie is going to make it all back or flop like many others, but it makes me wonder how good of a movie would Casablanca be with a multimillion dollar budget. I think at the end it was it’s simplicity what made it a GREAT movie.

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