CPFF20091011-161 - CopyI am happy to attend your special events and photograph those special occasions so that you can come out from behind the camera and enjoy the activities with your family and friends.

No matter what the event wherther it be once in a lifetime ceremonies like Commitment Ceremonies, Baptisms or yearly events such as Family Reunions, Birthdays and Anniversaries, I cover them all even commercial events like Concerts, Festivals and other activities. I will be there to make sure that your event is beautifully and skillfully preserved in one-of-a-kind photos.

To celebrate new life I partner with Classic Photos By Heidi and we offer newborn photograph sessions. It is a great opportunity to document and share your special blessing with friends and family. Little fingers, toes and noses grow so fast, you will want many photos throughout the first years. We combine both photographic talent and ability to gently handle newborn babies to create distinct portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime.