On my return trip from out of town, while getting dropped off at the curbside I managed to leave my phone in the vehicle I was riding in.  It just took a few seconds to realize what I had done; as soon as I turned I notice my ride was long gone!!

Here is where my adventure really started.  I quickly asked for a pay phone, the pointed me to an entire row of pay phones…  Not one took a credit card so I had to go in search of an ATM to take cash out, to change for coins, to get back to the phones and realize I don’t really know anyone’s phone number they are all programmed on my now AWOL phone!

“Plan B”: I spotted one of those email terminals the kind that you pay as you go, swipe my card and proceed to click on the link to Gmail and guess what,   I use a password filler program and I know that I do not know my password.  After several attempts and before locking my account I remembered I created a new outlook account for Mickey Torres Photography and promptly logged-in, sent a barrage of emails to everyone I could remember their email addresses (not many!)

Well to make a long story short, here I’m at 35,000 feet on my way back home after missing my flight and had to wait for two others because the very next flight did not have any available seats.

I remember when phones where way simpler, they had re-dial and you could program them to remember a hand full of numbers. I also remember when I was in High school, knowing all kinds of phone numbers, all my class mates, friends, my home, etc.  I don’t know what happen with the advent of technology and smart phones; I have an iPhone and my contacts are synced with my office contacts and my personal contacts.  Truth be told, I don’t know a single number for anyone!

With my phone in hand I can call or email anyone on my contact list however, without it, I might as well be stocked in a deserted island!

So my question to you is… Has technology made it too easy for us? Are we just learning to deal with technology but not really exercising our brains?  I’m reminded of those experiments were the monkey learns to push a button to get a treat, he really doesn’t know what makes it happen just that button push and the treat.  LOL

Back to the question Technology help or hinder?