It saddens me to think that there are people out there that will sacrifice the life of a complete innocent 8 year old for the sake of whatever problem they have.  We are living troubled times, when we have to resolve to destroy the lives of others for whatever reason.  Life is so precious, yet we have lost its sense of the value.  You see it all the time, domestic violence, home invasions, robbery, terrorism, disputes, etc… all ending in the loss of someone.  We as the human race have allowed the devaluation of a human life, allowing others to use them as currency to get their point across, the truth is that I DON’T CARE why you think that taking a life is ok, because IT IS NOT.  I was recently asked if I believed in the death penalty and even though it is a difficult answer compounded even more with the recent Boston acts, I would have to say NO I don’t think that the human race has the right to terminate someone. It does not matter how righteous you think you are, let’s not blame video games, guns, religious believes, etc… it is our own failure to teach and, dare I say it “indoctrinate” into our youth to cherish such a precious asset as a human life.  The root cause of crime is our own inability to teach our self to value life more than anything else.  If we all as the human race, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Arabs, Jews, Catholics, whatever groups we choose to divide us into, it still makes us HUMANS, and as such we should teach our children that taking a life for whatever reason is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!