It has been a couple of months since I had to travel for business or pleasure, some people will say that it’s a hassle and to some extent it is.  However I love traveling.  It seems that I do the most amount of writing when I’m trapped between two people in uncomfortable seat.

As I prepared for the trip I agonized over what to take on the trip with me, so much that I decided to write about it.   Let’s see what’s in my camera bag…

I took my Nikon D5000 my 70-300m, the 18-55mm, the 10-24mm and my Lensbaby Composer with dual glass.  I also packed an assortment of filters, remotes, memory cards and battery chargers.  I checked to be sure I know the weather is going to be wet and cold and  brought my little camera poncho, that I got in Adorama and thankfully I have yet to use it.  Purposely I decided not to take my flash or a second body. I know I always talk about redundancy and being prepared but since I’m meeting with another photographer, I figure that in the event of an emergency they will have my back.

I guess this brings me to the point of this post.  No one can tell what you should have in your bag and no two trips are the same.  Even the weather and the type of shoot should determine what you should pack for you trip.

I’m sure that if I was going to be the only photographer I would have packed differently. Think about the shoot requirements and make a list.  As you pack your bag mark off the things you load into your bag.

Sometimes if I’m shooting alone in a new place or city I log-on to the internet and look for camera stores or shops that I my reach out to in a pinch.  Also print maps of the area and any place that I think might be of interest to me.

So, pack light, but pack plenty (LOL) and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!