What ever happened with plain old letters, the ones that people actually wrote with Pen and Paper, the kind that included thought, poems, photos, etc.  I guess it is all about $$ now, since the paper, the pen and the stamp cost $$.  I like receiving those kinds of letters I think that it says a lot the fact that someone spent the time to think about you long enough to put thought into the type of paper, the envelope and some even go as far as to pick the right stamp and message to write on the envelope.  It says I care; now a days there is email… talk about in-personal for relatively nothing you can send a reply to a 10 paragraph message with something thoughtful and full of insight like “YUP” or my favorite “LOL”. I specially dislike the people that are so busy that they don’t even bother to take off the CAPS LOCK and ALL THEY TYPE ARE MESSAGES WITH ALL CAPS, it feels like they are shouting at you but by far the one that I don’t get is Facebook.  I can’t understand how a husband and wife (that I assume sleep in the same bed) feel the need to say good night to each other on a Facebook post. If I could have it my way (Like at BK) I would have a “Like” “dislike” and ”DON’T CARE!!!” button.

I would use the “like” for all the 1000 of puppy pictures that people feel the need to constantly like (me included), a “dislike” for all the people that feel the need to post humanity’s worst for all to comment on, and finally I “don’t Care”… to know that you love and miss your significant other (who is sitting next to you and putting a like to your post from their phone app) instead of just…. TALK to each other!