This holiday season I was blessed with many great gifts. Most of them were not material at all. I was blessed with the opportunity to spend Christmas day with all my family including my little brother and his wife. Had a great time. They bursted into singing typical Puerto Rico ‘Bomba’ music, we even culminated the evening by taking a great family shot.

 Even though I knew in advance I was going to be taking photos I did NOT prepare myself. I blame the ‘coquito’ I was drinking that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! It was less than ideal conditions. The room was dark, they where backlid by a huge glass wall. When I said I was un-prepared I mean Murphy was there and holding all the fate cards. I did not bring my tripod, and the battery icon on my camera was flashing red the entire evening each time I took a photo I hoped it was NOT the last one!

 Well in the end it all worked out I was able to take a family photo at ISO 2800. Yes you read it right, 2800!! It is grainy, and the back light blows some of the image. Thank God for Lightroom (Lr 4.3)! It helped me balance out the dark and light areas of the image.

The photograph will never be art show quality. HOWEVER, each time I look at it, it conjures memories of family and friends having a great day, eating great food and just having a great time.

I know now that I should ALWAYS be prepared, two chairs back to back even though very ‘McGyverish’ it is NOT a substitute to my $60 tripod. I will never leave the house without making sure my batteries are fully charged!

 Or better yet, drink plenty of spirits and enjoy your family and friends and if you happen to take a decent photo just be grateful for it 😉


Christmas Family Reunion 2012.