Is not often that I’m impressed by a company but it just happened to me this week. I use a Mophie case to protect my phone and to provide additional power, “The Juice Pack Pro” the kind that is built like a tank and has enough power to start my car if the battery dies. Last week I started having difficulties pressing the home button of my iPhone. I suspected that since I have used the case for almost a year now it was about time for things to go bad. I decided to make sure it was the case and not my phone so I took the phone off the case and it was working fine, I inspected it and was amazed that it was not damaged in any way or form. I really use my phone, it has fallen down my stairs and like the commercial says, “it takes a beating and keeps on ticking.”

I looked at the cover of my Juice Pack Pro and noticed that the design is very modular, so I wondered if the company sold replacement parts and maybe I could order the little button rubber membrane, that I suspected had grown weak with a year’s worth of pressing over and over again. I did not find any section to order replacement parts at so I decided to explain my problem to customer service. Like most companies you 1st have to send them an email explaining the problem. I was a bit disappointed and suspected some automated response server will send me a sorry for your problem, buy another one.

Well I did get an automated response that said they would review my email and contact me if necessary. So I went on my business trip and while I was gone I received another email from Mophie telling me that replacement parts for my Juice Pack Pro would be sent to me.

I just got back and there it was a package from Mophie, they sent me a new full front cover and a rubberized back for my Juice Pack Pro, in essence they sent me all but the electronics for the case.

I’m happy to say that my phone is back on the case and working like new. My kudos go out to Mophie, they have restored my faith in customer service. They solved my problem and gained a loyal evangelist of their Products, Company and customer service.