I understand the overpopulation of Iguanas in PR; however in a Natural park as part of their NATURAL environment that we are invading I think what the Park Grounds Keeper did is WRONG!!!!
Today I was walking with my niece (5) and my nephew (8) thru the Linear Park in Bayamon, almost to the end of our journey we ran into this fine Iguana specimen witch we admired for a while, photographed and walked away after talking about it and how they are part of the eco system, they wer…e very impressed and though it was cool.  We walked away while on the other side of the walking path a grass cutting tractor coming our way crossed the median just to run over the Iguana in front of the little ones.
The scene was something that even as an adult I felt uncomfortable to watch.  Because he did not killed it, right away he just rode over it, leaving it to jump and flap like a dyeing fish creating for it unnecessary suffering.  This spectacle lasted for about 5 minutes, quite some time in front of the little ones who I could not usher away fast enough, and the dude did not even took the carcass out of the walking path he left the dying animal right there while he continued riding away on the tractor.  How do I answer the 5 year old question, why he did that?
What’s next, killing of all the birds on their natural habitat, so there is no bird shit on the park benches?
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