I was asked by 2 troops of Boys and Girls Scouts to document part of their activities during a camping trip they took to the “Parque Forestal de Bayamon”.  It was fun! There were all kinds of activities, for both parents and kids.  They tossed water balloons, painted shirts, competed in creating the best Toilet paper dress, even baked a cake in a Dutch oven over coals in their fire pit.  Parents had talks by Home Land Security, kids created their own stage with a screen and all, to project their play, it was cool.  The end of the day they started a bonfire and even changed the color of the flame.  They also melted marshmallows on the flame; overall it was a long but awesome day.

I know,  this is a “photography” Blog, but for the kids safety all the photos are theirs and their parents to share, not mine so there are no event photos here;  that said I did had the opportunity to take some non-scouts photographs while waiting between events.  I found a cat taking a lazy nap and took some photos of him. I also spotted an Iguana and took a photo of it too.  It is funny there are people that visit Puerto Rico and never get to see an Iguana, however if you are a local and sit long enough anywhere you get to see them, guess they are not a good tourism ambassadors LOL.

Since there was a fire and, I have never been good at taking photos of flames, I decided to take some and see what came out, you tell me.