Some will blame guns; others will blame video games, drugs, upbringing, mental issues, etc. But for me I think that those are all excuses; somewhere along the way we have lost the value of life, how important it is; the fact that once gone, it is gone forever. Don’t know how it happened but at some point we have lost our way. Connecticut, China, Africa, South America, Egypt, Israel, we need to find the way to get along this small little planet; we are all in this ride together! It saddens me to know that only God will know how many scientists, lawyers, novel peace prize winners, will never grow up to make this life better for the rest of us.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of ALL affected by tragedy that will end 2012 with so much sadness in their hearts, and hope that somehow they find hope in the New Year.

So please join me light a candle and say a prayer.


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