I pass by #Puente Dos Hermanos in #El Condado, (San Juan, #Puerto Rico) almost every day on my way  back from work. I had seen this bridge for a while as they were working on some repairs and thought it was going to look nice once finished.  After they completed the work I wanted to document how beautiful it turned out to be, so I contacted another photographer friend of mine and asked him if he was interested in #photographing it.  We grabbed our gear waited till the end of day light, set our phasers to stun; (sorry got my post crossed with Star Trek) and headed to the other side of the bridge.

After crossing a six lane highway in the middle of the night with almost no illumination and then jumping over a handrail designed to prevent people from doing just what we were doing, I took several long exposures using my new tripod (Check out my Tripod review).   I think the bridge looks amazing, so good that I’m using one of the photos as the cover photo of “Mickey Torres Photography”  Oficial facebook Page