A year has passed since I purchased my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and my overall opinion of it has not changed, I Love my tablet!   It has simplified things like showing my work to potential customers or showing photos of the bride to the mother without having to bring a bulky computer or even an internet connection.  It also allows me to stay connected with all my emails and I can even use #Logmein to gain access to my desktop and both home and the office.

I have purchased several gadgets to go with it, one of them is the Targus Bluetooth Keyboard that I’m using to type this with, even though I do not have any complains about the on-screen keyboard on the device, I’m just used to an actual keyboard flat on my desk or lap.

Another useful gadget I purchased is a SD Card/USB adapter, it plugs in the #Galaxy charging port, and allows me to insert a SD Card and use it for external storage. This is what I use to quickly show the Bride and Groom, a couple of the images I took during the wedding, or the Mother of the “Quinceañera”.   It also has a USB connector, this is convenient when you have work that you need to edit and it is on your USB flash drive.

I’m a PC user, for me Word, Excel, and Power Point are important, so I installed Office Suite and find it is adequate to handle documents I’m working on.

Battery life has not ever been an issue; I frequently travel to Alabama, Atlanta and Florida from Puerto Rico and have yet to run out of battery on my trips.  On more than one occasion I had forgotten my charger and with moderate battery management I have been able to use the tablet during the entire trip.  On my last trip I even watched the entire movie #CASABLANCA with no issues.

Ok, now things I’m not too thrilled about: in my opinion the battle between Apple and Samsung even though settle now, DID affect Samsung users.  Virtually all accessory makers for tablets concerned about a negative settlement and the possibility of ending with gadgets and accessories that would not sell, stopped making things for the tablet. I have found (ONE) leather case in all the tech stores I have visited for my tablet in a sea of cases for ALL versions of the iPad.

Also like the #iPads this device lacks a built-in SD card slot, requiring the addition of an adapter (mentioned above) to read SD Cards. This just adds stuff that I must carry around when traveling.

Overall I’m still in love with this tablet!!