As you have noticed, there are two sections on this website that look or seem to be similar, however after you read this, you will understand the difference.

Let me start by saying that I have a #moral #filter, yup! Her name is Linda Bryant, she is a sweet lady that I have known for many years, both Linda and her husband Paul are very good friends.  So when I’m about to post something on all the social media sites I ask myself, would Linda approve? If the answer is no,  well I just hit delete!  It is my #STRONG opinion that everyone should have a moral filter, someone or something that will help them decide when it is time to keep your mouth shut!

Yes, you know who you are, the people that think that by sprinkling a @#% can hide a cuss word, or the ones that live their lives thru #Facebook. (More on that in my other blog)

Because if there is a “Ying” there must be a “Yang” I have another blog post, this one is NOT Linda friendly, on that #blog, “you enter at your own risk” that’s where I go to get something of my chest, like the guy that cut me off on the highway or… you get the #picture. ..

It is up to you to decide which side of the street you want to walk in. I invite you to pick the one that soothes you and read that one.