Lorena Gutierrez

Lorena also posed in several locations throwout the cemetery, I used some of her photographs to create a ghostly image used for my #facebook cover photo during Halloween.



I used a photo of #Lorena to make a composite cover photo for my #facebook to use during Halloween


  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-015
  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-014
  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-013
  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-012
  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-011
  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-010
  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-008
  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-007
  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-006
  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-005
  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-004
  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-002