I was talking with a friend and fellow photographer that I recently met, during the conversation I mentioned my Lensbaby Composer. I was surprised that he had never heard of it.  I tried to explain the look and feel you get when you pair a Lensbaby composer to a digital camera, but words failed to convey the look of the final image.  I decided that the next opportunity I had I was going to take some photos using the Lensbaby Composer to put on my page and talk about it, so this morning I got eager to play with the Lensbaby.  The first thing that you notice when you put the composer in a camera is the looks you get from people around you.

The Lensbaby Composer is a small lens, about the size of a 50mm standard lens, however the shape is NOT like any other lens out there. This Lens has 100% NO electronics at all. You adjust aperture by placing magnetic rings of different sizes (Apertures) at the front of the optics. All the adjustments are manual, from the aperture ring to the focus.  The construction is solid; the barrel of the lens is adjustable, so you can move the focus’ sweet spot to any part of your frame.

For my mini photo-walk at the local park I used the following equipment & settings:

Nikon D7200

Lensbaby Composer
ISO: 100

F2.8 Ring on the lensbaby

And since it was really sunny 1/2500 of a sec


I purchased my Lensbaby Composer several years ago, since then Lensbaby has released other versions of the composer. Mine is a combination of Aluminum and plastic while the PRO version is completely made out of aluminum but overall, they all have similar features and produce similar results.

This lens is for anyone that wants to experiment with their photos and it is not afraid to shoot in manual mode.