This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of the new Coggins Family.  It was a very cool experience; the weather was nice, and the couple looked beautiful.  Photographing a wedding for me is a always a very cool event.  You get to witness the beginning of a journey for this couple, you also get to meet and forge new friendships with the rest of their families in this case from three different parts of the country (Boston, Orlando, and Puerto Rico).  The food was great and the cake was amazing, I don’t know why wedding cake is so good.  Please don’t tell my doctor I had 2 pieces.

I took over 1500 photos, and here is a small sample of them…

A more complete listing will be available in both Facebook and SMUGMUG site.

  • Coggins--001
  • Coggins--002
  • Coggins--003
  • Coggins--004
  • Coggins--005
  • Coggins--006
  • Coggins--007
  • Coggins--008
  • Coggins--009
  • Coggins--010
  • Coggins--011
  • Coggins--012