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Antonov AH-124-100 Visit

Just recently I had the opportunity to photograph the Antonov AH-124-100 I this it is the 2nd biggest cargo airplane in the world capable of lifting 150,000 TONS! That’s what


In a B&W mood…

A while back I took photos of several Models in a beautiful beach in Puerto Rico, even though the color photos of these shoot where nice, I like these few


The Bridge

I pass by #Puente Dos Hermanos in #El Condado, (San Juan, #Puerto Rico) almost every day on my way  back from work. I had seen this bridge for a while


Angels at the Cemetery Part II

Lorena Gutierrez Lorena also posed in several locations throwout the cemetery, I used some of her photographs to create a ghostly image used for my #facebook cover photo during Halloween.


Angels at the Cemetery Part I

Priscilla Rivera This is part 1 of my series at the cemetery   I photographed Priscilla in several locations thru out the cemetery, One of the photos I like the

  • 20150430_D7200-Back_002

    Antonov AH-124-100 Visit

  • 20130630_EnsenadaBeachPR-0003

    In a B&W mood…

  • Condado--20121102-001

    The Bridge

  • SIV_Lorena_Gutierrez--20121020-011

    Angels at the Cemetery Part II

  • SIV_Priscila_Rivera-20121020-023

    Angels at the Cemetery Part I

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Urban Photoshoot

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph model Theresa Manchester in an Urban setting in Puerto Rico. Here are some of the Morning session photos…   More photos soon…  


Fine Art Nude


Sara Valentin Beach Photoshoot



Engagement Photosession

A couple of weeks ago, I was privileged to participate in an engagement shoot with Carlos Luna.  I learned a lot from him; here are some of my photos of


Coggins Wedding slideshow


The Coggins Wedding P3

Photography & Technology

Nikon D7200

One month with my D7200

It’s been a bit over a month since I got the new Nikon D7200 and I’m happy to report that I LIKE IT!!! When I first opened the box and


My Nikon D7200


Antonov AH-124-100 Visit

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Happy Mother’s Day

Replacement Parts

Good Customer Service

Is not often that I’m impressed by a company but it just happened to me this week. I use a Mophie case to protect my phone and to provide additional


New Intro

This will be the new video intro for Mickey Torres Photography videos and slide show I think they did an awesome job with my logo!

Sarcastic me!


Let’s not get free advertisement from Lensprotogo.com misfortune

Stolen property at lensprotogo.com



I understand the overpopulation of Iguanas in PR; however in a Natural park as part of their NATURAL environment that we are invading I think what the Park Grounds Keeper



went to Home Depot today to pickup something mom needed, parked the car 7 parking spots past the last car and in the 30min I spent there some asshole managed